Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ironic: Garbage - those who don't need it, want it!

Today's news: "Oslo has a problem: Shortage of garbage to generate power"

Norway has oil and gas as well. We have very little oil and gas but a lot of garbage and few plants to process the garbage! On warm days, I can smell the garbage in Chandigarh when we go for a walk. The odour is definitely stronger than that of roses in Rose Garden :(

I suppose no one wants a garbage disposal plant in their neighbourhood just as they don't want a nuclear plant in their neighbourhood. I wouldn't want to live downstream a hydroelectric dam either.

So, until we have fewer people so that we have space, we may need to find a way to send the garbage to Oslo in exchange for some barrels of oil :)

Some more news of robots making the rich in US richer! A big emotional advantage will be that the consumers won't have to feel guilty about cheap clothes from Bangladesh where people have to work in high risk environment.

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