Sunday, September 8, 2013

FM tries to save money while govt funds treatment of IAS officers abroad

This news of Govt to fund treatment of civil servants abroad surprised me. The government officers have been sacrificing for over 60 years now :( I did not expect it.

On the one hand, the timing is a bit surprising given Chidambaram's efforts to economize. On the other hand, the senior officials have more information and may be aware that India will never be able to match its exports to its imports. So, there is no point in persisting in sacrificing their health to save a few dollars.

The news about increased retirement benefits for those over 80 had stated:
According to The Lancet, the average life expectancy in India is 63.2 years for males and 67.5 years for females.
I really would like to have the conditional probability of the life expectancy in India given that the person is a government employee.  But I am too lazy to make the effort to get these statistics.

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