Saturday, August 11, 2012

Switch a healh insurance policy? My brain hurts.

For some years, we have contemplated changing the health insurance company as the healthcare TPA for our policy did not seem to have too many hospitals in its network.

Thanks to portability, switching a service provider should be easy. Well, may be not. Anyway, I did not reach that stage. I was paralyzed by just trying to find basic information about the policies and costs. After a fair amount of search and avoiding all sites which insisted I supply them with an email id and my mobile number, I did find some comparison charts. However, implications or comparison of terms and conditions for various policies were not easy to find.

Anyway, I decided it hurt my brain far too much. So, I will stick to what I have had for a decade, which I have never had to use, and hope that I never have to find out what my policy will or will not cover.

I can, of course, wish that all policies were also like open source software where all needed information is freely available and each product is encouraged to use the best capabilities of every other product. That should evolve to a product which is truly useful.

Instead, I get the feeling that the companies offer but discourage a base product and add perceived benefits of questionable value to the base at highly inflated rates to make idiots of us. And that resulted in my brain hurting badly :(