Friday, February 3, 2012

The misery of parking at Chandigarh Airport

It seemed silly to complain to myself on the blog; so I had been reluctant to write about the Chandigarh airport. Finally, today I got the idea of writing to the officer in charge of the Airport. If I get any response, I will acknowledge it. But meanwhile, it explains the predicament of parking at Chandigarh airport, which is a pretty small airport.

Dear Captain,

I got your email id from the Airports Authority web site. I wanted to
share my experiences of picking up people at the airport in the last
few months. For a small airport, it is an unforgettable experience.

On first occasion, it took 20 minutes to exit from the parking lot
after I had picked up my  sons.

On the second occasion, it took only 10 minutes to pay - but I was
late and had just entered the airport, picked up the passengers and
exited. It was hard to find a spot to stop without blocking traffic
and hard to extricated my car and get out. It took more than 5 minutes
and had to pay Rs. 25. The amount is peanuts but to pay for the
nuisance involved  I felt cheated.

On third occasion, it took 20 minutes to pay and exit.

My conclusion, it is better not to park - keep the car in the pick-up
area. I noticed people stopping their cars and just moving away. The
security officer was totally helpless.

Last year, I paid on entering the parking lot and exited reasonably
quickly. The current system is flawed as everyone wants to exit as
soon as the flight arrives. It seems to be helping only the contractor
of the parking lot.

Regards, ...

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