Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parking at Chandigarh Airport - Cont.

Well, I got a response to my complaint though it tells me nothing that I did not know!  I may be required to park in the parking lot but I found many people did not. Furthermore, given the 20 minutes it takes to exit from the parking lot, it makes no sense to park in the lot. Oh, well.

Dear Sir

Reference is invited to your complaint concerning the Parking irritation at Civil Air Terminal Chandigarh.
In this regard it is mentioned that 5 minutes free time is allowed for pick and drop of passengers as per the terms of Parking contract. If you wish to stay beyond the stipulated time you are required to park your vehicle in Car Parking area.

Public Grievance Officer
Civil Air Terminal

UPDATE: Hurray, I got another response on 21st March, 2012.

Considering in view the inconveniences while extricating from exit lane (from Car Parking area) as reported by few airport users, AAI Management have decided to explore possibilities for converting the exit lane (from Car Parking area) into lanes besides deployment of additional manpower so as to ensure fast movement of traffic and to curb such complaints, in future.

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