Thursday, December 20, 2012

Justice or Revenge?

Two events in the last week have been very disturbing. They were so sickening and painful that I have no desire to search and link to them.

The non-stop discussions over the horrid event in Delhi again brings up the issue that are we craving for justice or revenge. How do we as a society ensure that such deviants do not cause damage without creating a police state which results in severe constraints and arbitrary injustices?

In the incident in the US, the craving for revenge disappeared as the perpetrator appears to have killed his mother who had bought the guns and himself. So, the focus is on how to prevent dangerous weapons being easily accessible to anyone.

I am reminded of the masterful and deeply troubling film by Stanley Kubrick in A Clockwork Orange. It remains unsurpassed and relevant even after 40 years in examining pointless violence and we are any closer to coming to terms with it.

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