Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sleepless night, a blocked nose and society's problems

It has been bitter cold in Chandigarh. I woke up with a nightmare. There were hijras outside my home. The gist of the nightmare was that they demanded the right to dance in celebration of my sons' weddings and demand money unless I could prove that I had already paid hijras in the towns where the weddings took place.

I have never been able to figure out why Punjabis created this sick custom and how anyone living in the society can avoid it.

I had a blocked nose and felt miserable. The mind wandered from one problem of our society to another and the harassment we fear we may face.

Finally, what if I were to sell the place where I stay and move to a warmer location? From what I gather, getting out of real estate in India is not easy  for anyone not knowing what to do with cash!

I could finally sleep when I thought that government should allow a seller to declare a higher value for the sale of his property than the buyer and deposit the cash in a bank. The seller can pay the usual tax on the excess amount and be free to use it in any way he chooses.

Ah, we can have dreams not just nightmares :)

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