Friday, January 11, 2013

An Interaction on Open Source - what a disappointment

I got an email from a government official that he wanted to discuss open source with me. I was flattered. Just to make sure that it did not have to do with the Institute, I mentioned that I had stopped teaching.

I got his call the next day. He mentioned that he had accidentally come across the web site and had seen an ad for position requiring open source experience!

I was wondering why he was interested as the position was not that high. It transpired that he was searching for a job for his son. That in itself was a sufficient indication for me to conclude that his son must be incompetent.

However, I was not in the picture and told him so. The job details and the process which needed to be followed was on the web site. So, what was the problem? The due date had expired and he wanted me to help.

He insisted on telling me about his son's degrees and experience in open source of half a dozen years. He seemed to expect that the rules would be bent for him.

I was beginning to feel irritated and it took some patience to politely get him to stop talking to me and contact someone else.

I hope his son is not incompetent and has taken his current job to be as far from his parents as possible :)

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