Saturday, November 3, 2012

Living for ever? Boredom will kill me

After learning about the possibility of living much longer by studying the bats, I am relieved to have found an antidote. The thought of living for ever or much longer makes me shudder. I used to get bored in 3 years. This time I was bored in just a year and half of teaching.

I loved science fiction novels until I read Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy. After that, every science fiction novel I tried to read was boring. Obviously, I do not regard Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go as a science fiction novel.

Aside from Ishiguro, I have not found a modern author who appealed to me after reading Ian McEwan. So, there is little chance of finding happiness by having more time to read. The problem would be to find what would not bore me!


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