Monday, June 10, 2013

Counterproductive law - abetment to suicide?

Suicide is an emotionally disturbing experience not just for the friends and family of the victim but also for the society as a whole.

Every time I read that the police has arrested someone for abetment of suicide or the family is complaining of police inaction in spite of the suicide note, it disturbs me.

Is the law itself not an abetment to suicide? If the victim feels utterly helpless in life, doesn't the law give hope of punishment for the tormentors after death?

I wonder if such a law even exists in other countries. I do not recall ever reading about such cases elsewhere.

It would be better if the punishment is for acts which would have been punishable even if the person were alive. The victim's statement is a piece of evidence.

A better society would have provided avenues for the evidence to be examined while the victim were still living.


Another reason is that it may affect normal behaviour - at least it did mine.

It caused me anxiety. The newspapers were writing about suicides among IIT students. I had to fail a student whom I hardly knew. He rarely attended classes and did not submit assignments. It was not what is expected of a student. Although my anxiety was misplaced, it made the unpleasant task of failing someone far harder.

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