Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some light shines on bureaucracy: Will affidavits and stamp papers disappear?

I wanted to highlight the news 'Unnecessary' affidavits done away with, Punjab counts its gains but couldn't find it after a few days. That is until the news Union ministry wants to do away with affidavits, the Punjab way.

The only disheartening part is that the union ministry needs a concept paper! The nuisance of the stamp papers and affidavits must be obvious to any person who has had to deal with government bureaucracy and that, I am sure, includes the bureaucrats themselves!

I frequently wonder that if the current processes do not encourage lying. It seems from our processes that our statements have no legal binding unless they are on  a Judicial Stamp paper. Hopefully, that is not true but who knows what is present in our laws. Here is a silly example of Baltimore.

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