Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It's a wonderful life and suicidal thoughts

"It's a Wonderful Life" has always felt like a corny film and, yet, it's message of optimism has been unforgettable. I was reminded of the film by the impact a silly act had on me years ago and I wish I could thank the two involved.

It was the start of spring and I was walking home - depressed. Progress in research had been very slow and seemed hopeless. I used to walk through the city forest near Helsinki railway station on my way home. I was fantasising about jumping in front of the train going from Helsinki to Leningrad.

My thoughts were interrupted by a pre-teen. It took me a while to understand the broken English and Finnish words. She was asking if I had a pen. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Sorry, no". Suddenly, she kissed my cheek and rain away.

It was a strange experience even though my looks aroused curiosity even in Helsinki in those days. Suddenly, I heard two girls giggling away.

It changed my mood. I felt I was taking me/life too seriously. I have never contemplated suicide since.

So, I hope those two anonymous girls have had a wonderful life.

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