Monday, February 21, 2011

"I wish I had been born in Finland"

My year-long stay in Helsinki was coming to an end. I wrote to my parents that I wished I were born in Finland!

Wasn't the wisest thing to write. After India and the US, I had really liked the Finnish society. Somehow, I felt that it was a humane society in which I felt at ease with my colleagues but with a very modern, comfortable lifestyle.

It was not like the US - where a fellow grad student had once commented - "Least of all your wife" in response to a discussion on whom should we trust. I realize that his comments were not exactly reliable as he was in the process of being divorced!

I had not intended to migrate to Finland. It was meant as a praise for the society.

When I returned to India, my father had mentioned to me - Your mother was very upset that you did not want to be born to her!

I am sure he was talking about himself and using my mother as a cover. I was affected possibly quite hurt that I had been misunderstood. I did not try to explain. I probably could not have put my thoughts into words and, probably, would have made matters worse.

I took solace from a discussion with a Dutch colleague when I had told him that I was returning to India. He had said - What! You won't be able to survive there.

Surprisingly, my relations in India were very proud that I had not changed!

My personal view - I was a misfit in the west and in India. Except possibly, Finland.

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